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Too Many Captains and Not Enough Wire

Sound Designer

Too Many Captains and Not Enough Wire is an interactive game that needs players to work together to control a spaceship in the game. One of the players (aka. Engineer) is going to control the spaceship by using a unique controller, but this player can not see the screen. The other players are responsible to tell the engineer what is going on and what to do. The game path gets intense as time goes by.


Yiran's idea was to create some rhythmic and dream-like soundtracks to highlight the adventurousness of this game where players steered the spaceship to roam in the universe and at the same time combat alien enemies. She also didn't want the music to be distracting because this game needs players to promptly communicate with each other. Despite making sound effects for the game, her design goal also included creating soundtracks in response to the different stages that players go through. There are four stages in this game, and the fourth one is the one that players meet with the boss.


This game got into the finalist for alt.ctrl.GDC Awards in 2018 Independent Games Festival.

Software used: Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, FMOD Studio

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