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Three Musketeers 1941
Sound Designer
A.R.T./New York Theatres,
New York, NY
Book by Megan Monaghan Rivas
Directed by Andrew Smith, 
                     Michole Biancosino
Opened June 5, 2019

The play was set during World War II in Paris where the Third Reich had hung Swastika banners all over the place. The whole city was suffocated in the clout of Gestapo. The story focuses on five brave women who struggled to keep hope alive for themselves and their fellow citizens.


At early creative meetings, it was decided by the group that the tone of this production should be dark and treacherous. Led with this setting, Yiran created corresponding underscores to transition smoothly between scenes and placed several speakers above the audience. In the script, a lot of key information was revealed to the characters (and the audience) via Radio de Paris and Radio London. As a result, the set designer decided to put three period looking radio props onstage. To make the scene more realistic, Yiran hid three wireless mini-speakers inside the non-functional radio props. When a broadcast started, the sound cue would be played first from these mini speakers so audience would think the sound was really coming out of the radios, and then it would fade into the main PA system to make sure every single audience member can hear the content clearly while acknowledging that they were listening to a radio.


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