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Dream Universe

Notebook Project

This Project was a notebook project. This project came up with a game idea and design sound for it. Yiran's idea was to create a hybrid experience that the players can interact with other players while enjoying the game beyond time and space.


Players can record their dreams/thoughts and “inject” their thoughts into different bubbles in the game universe, and other players can overhear those bubbles when flying by. By getting closer to the bubbles, players can hear more clearly the stories inside the bubbles. Moreover, players are able to identify the location of a specific bubble that they would like to listen carefully to and fly into the bubble.


At the same time, the universe divides bubbles into different dimensions according to the tags of its content. Players can choose a specific dimension to share their stories, or they can indulge themselves in all the dimensions to listen to the stories of other players.



Yiran would like to use VR and Rondo 360 sound technology to immerse players in a whole new world. You can find the video Yiran created showcasing her idea through FMOD Studio. 

Dream Universe Demo with FMod

Dream Universe Demo with FMod

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Concept image: Player's view when flying between the bubbles

Concept image: Universe outline

4D bubble
Exploring the universe
The Universe
Near Sun

Concept images--these four were found from the internet

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