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Half Dream Half Reality
Half Dream Half Reality
USITT 2019 Expo, Louisville, KY
Showcased in March 2019
Media Designer: Giada Sun
Lighting Designer: Chun-Yen Huang
Half Dream Half Reality demo trackYiran Zhang
00:00 / 02:40
This is a 15 mins multi-media performance piece without actors on stage. The whole performance space was divided into several parts, corresponding to different areas on one’s brain respectively. After interviewing one experimenter, the reaction of his or her brain waves was adapted and projected to the site by means of sound, lighting, and media. The immersive scene-setting together with the performance of the experimenter cast onto the screen made the audience feel as if they were exactly in the brain of the experimenter. The emotions involved such as sadness, joy, happiness, and ecstasy are linked with a gradual transition and in the end, the experimenter fell asleep. Yet the production didn't directly indicate that the audience was in someone else’s brain. Instead, the audience would think they were enjoying a splendid show. In the end, the experimenter revealed that he or she has just dreamt of running a show. Therefore, from a big-picture perspective, how the audience thinks and reacts when they are watching the performance is a part of the show.
Yiran utilized the L’Acoustics’ “Immersive Hyperreal Sound” system L-Isa to create an immersive experience for the audience. As you may hear from the sound demo on the website, the “sound elements” were divided into several tracks from different “location”, corresponding sound from different performance areas. Yiran also pre-recorded the ambient sound from the USITT expo before the performance, and then gradually introduced it to the performance space, thus creating a hypnosis world for the audience to experience. 

In the beginning, when the experimenter starts to think about their emotional moments(Sadness, joy, happiness) Yiran used realistic sound, indicating the experimenter went through a series of memories in their brain. While slowly transitioning to the deeper mind (dream) of the experimenter, the sound started to become melodious and more rhythmic. With the help of lights and media, this piece took our audience to experience through reality, fantasy, and mystery. 

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