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Sound Designer & Mixer

Saint Bartholomew's Episcopal Church,

New York, NY
Opened on November 8, 2018

Director: Michael Blatt

Designing sound for a musical in the church is challenging because the natural "reverb" in the church will affect the clarity of the actor's lines. This problem may be severe when the music style is rock and pop.


Godspell has an eclectic blend of songs and the band includes a drum set and many electronic instruments, which made it hard to control the balance between the band and vocals in this church. 


Considering all the facts, rather than designing speaker clusters amplifying sound from the stage, Yiran decided to set up several "filling" speakers around the audience area and delayed them to the stage. This will enhance the clarity by reducing the traveling time of sound from the actors to the audience.


Moreover, Yiran amplified only the vocal and keyboard to keep the balance.

[Godspell] Sound System Layout - Sheet1.

Console used: Behringer X32 with S16 I/O interface

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