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  "Test of Non-English Languages for English Speakers" also known as ToNES, was an original show based on the English language test that international students have to go through before coming to the US.


There were 4 scenarios quizzed where actors spoke foreign languages (Spanish, Russian, Arabi, and Chinese) the host asked questions based on the scene, and audience members needed to choose the answer from multiple options. We had a typewriter typed in the conversation and used google translate at the same time to assist the audience who are completely unfamiliar with the languages.


The purpose of this piece was to let audience members who are mainly English native speakers to understand the daily frustration and confusion people who speak English as their second language deal with, and therefore encourage people to be more patient, compassionate and caring each other.


To highlight the feeling of a test and express the humor within this show, my focus was to combine the exam broadcast with google translation. The audience also got cheered or booed based on their answer. 


The short video above was the trailer for the performance. I edited the audio track and Giada edited the video track. By utilizing the sound cue for pre-show announcement and editing it in a "Kichiku" way, I wanted this trailer can express the concept of the ToNES and attract people to see it.

ToNES: Test of Non-English Languages for English Speakers

Sound Designer & Creator

John Wells Studio Theatre. Pittsburgh, PA
Opened on December 9th. 2017

Creators: Jialin He, Yiran Zhang, Giada Sun, Ying Huo, Jiahui Shi

*This piece was selected to showcase in 2019 NY SummerFest

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